Best Damascus Kitchen Knives in 2022: Cutlery Buying Guide

Knives are a must in every kitchen. Each type of knife can chop, slice, and dice food differently. To cook smoothly, you need a reliable knife. Using a knife that is too heavy or too dull is a pain.

Damascus steel blades are famous for their beauty and sharpness. The forged patterns on the blades are intriguing. This knife is beautiful and robust and the best material for a kitchen knife.

We all know that not all Damascus knives are manufactured equal. So in this article, we have reviewed 10 of the best Damascus kitchen knives available on the market today to make an informed decision.

Our Top Pick 

Best Overall: 9-Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Block from NANFANG Brothers

Best for Beginners: Shun Classic Blonde 8″ Chef’s Knife

Best Value for Money: LEVINCHY Damascus Chef’s Knife 8-inch Professional Kitchen Knife

Best Upgraded Set: Yoshihiro NSW Damascus Gyuto Japanese Chefs Knife

Best Knife Set: XingRui Series 9-Piece Kitchen Knife Set From Nanfang Brothers

Best Budgeted Set: Chef Knife FANTECK Professional Damascus Chef Knife 

Best Professional Set: ALLWIN-HOUSEWARE W Damascus Chef Knife

Best Lightweight Knife Set: Nakiri Chef Knife from OXFORD CHEF

Best Cutting Knife Set: Miyabi Chef’s Knife

Best for Versatility: Enso Chef’s Knife – Made in Japan

Review of 10 Best Damascus Kitchen Knives

10. Chef Knife FANTECK Professional Damascus Chef Knife [8-Inch]

The FANTECK Professional Damascus Chef Knife has a jaw-dropping appearance, including several remarkable features suitable for professional cooks. In addition to the beautiful blue handle, this knife is fantastic. 

The length of this Damascus chef knife is about 8 inches. As a result of the V shape blade, cutting performance may be significantly improved. Slicing and dicing are only some of the many options with this tool.

There is also a G10 ergonomic handle, which is resistant to both heavy abuse and intense heat. In addition, it has a non-slip grip so that you may chop a broad range of foods without putting your safety at risk. 

In terms of the outside, there isn’t anything remarkable. The water waves all over the blade, making it visually appealing and visible. It’ll be easy to handle the knife for extended periods since it only weighs around 1.5 pounds. 

Moreover, It’s great for those who wish to avoid hand fatigue when slicing up food because of the lightweight build. Like the cheaper versions, you’ll need to sharpen the blade after each use to keep it sharp. Due to this, the manufacturer provides a small sharpener to keep your knife sharp.


  • The handle is ergonomic for a comfortable grip.
  • The blade consists of a long-lasting substance.
  • Stain and corrosion resistance
  • Include a tiny sharpener and an elegant case for the knife.


  • Sharpening is a must regularly.


09. Yoshihiro NSW Damascus Gyuto Japanese Chefs Knife

One of the Japanese knives made by Yoshihiro NSW is called the “Yoshihiro Gyuto.” Handmade in Japan, it has 46 layers of Damascus steel forged and hammered. It has a traditional VG-10 core.

The hammered technique tries to add friction to the blade so that food doesn’t stick to it. Some foods may still leave some stains on the blade, but there’s been a stain-resistant finish added to it. You get a nice wooden case to protect it when it’s clean.

You can use the knife to do many things in the kitchen, from chopping vegetables and fruits to cutting meat. It’s easy to use, too. The knife’s blade and grip are well balanced. 

It’s easy to keep the edge in good shape, but it doesn’t need to be re-sharpened often. The handle comes in the shape of a traditional Japanese octagon, making it easier to grip. 


  • It’s very simple to re-sharpen.
  • A good balance between rigidity and elasticity.
  • Effortless cutting and a good grip


  • The handle may look cheap.
  • Risk of staining


08. XingRui Series 9-Piece Kitchen Knife Set From Nanfang Brothers

If you are looking for a good knife set, then the Damascus knife set from NANFANG BROTHERS will be an excellent choice for you, without a doubt, no matter what. This one comes with nine pieces in total for maximum functionality.

Besides, knives aren’t all the same shape so you can use them for different things. To cut up meat or fish, slice up fruits and vegetables, and chop herbs, to name a few. 

Knives are way too sharp, and it takes only a little time to cut a wide range of foods. You’re getting a top-of-the-line 13-inch knife sharpener that will keep your knives sharp for a long time.

A set of kitchen shears also comes in the package for your convenience. They help you cut raw meats at once. These are all free of rust and corrosion, which will last for a long time. Every little knife has high-quality VG10 and 67 layers of steel to ensure it is precise and durable. 

Having hardness HRC 60-62 means, the blades are sharper and hard to break. You can see that every handle has a curved shape that makes it easy for you to grab it. The gripping area has hygienic plastic, which is very comfortable, and doesn’t slip. 

So, you can keep cutting without any pain or risk. After each use, you can clean the knives with some clean water. It will be easy and take less time, too.


  • Six razor-sharp knives, sharpener, shears
  • Better than the usual models for slicing all foods
  • Non-slip curved handles
  • A beautiful wooden box to keep the appliances


  • A little pricey


07. Shun Classic Blonde 8″ Chef’s Knife

The Shun Classic 8-inch is a Japanese Chef knife that comprises 68 layers of Damascus steel and is handmade in Japan. The core, made of VG-MAX steel, is an extra layer.

There are four metals in the blade’s construction: Tungsten, Carbon Cobalt, and Chromium. Having a blade that is so thin may lead it to bend if you apply too much pressure to it. 

The knife is well-balanced in its overall design. It can manage a wide range of cutting chores – from slicing to chopping to mincing.

Most owners say it comes sharp and keeps its edge long before needing re-sharpening. However, its harsh edge is fragile and may need extra care. You must not be harsh with the blade, or it may chip. It comes with a 16-degree edge ground.

The handle is blonde PakkaWood, a hardwood with resin added for extra durability. It’s easy to clean.


  • Handle construction and finish of high quality
  • The weight is balanced.
  • Long-lasting sharpness


  • The blade is too thin.


06. LEVINCHY Damascus Chef’s Knife 8-inch Professional

So, if you need a single Damascus chef knife that can do it all, we recommend the LEVINCHY Damascus steel kitchen knife. Its excellent design and razor-sharp blade make it one of today’s most extraordinary Damascus kitchen knives.

It has an 8-inch overall length and a 7-inch blade. With its help, you may chop up large amounts of food, such as meat, bread, fish, vegetables, and fruits. It is not just sharp but also quite durable. Its 67 layers of Damascus steel deserve recognition. Unlike other junks, it is free of rust and corrosion.

It retains its sharpness and color even after everyday usage. Also, the water ripple surface is lovely and distinctive. This Damascus knife also has a Pakkawood handle. It provides maximum comfort and support so users may work for hours without hand fatigue.

It’s also slip-resistant, so you’ll have a solid grip for slicing items efficiently. So the grip region is safe and comfortable for both housewives and chefs.


  • An 8-inch knife has a fine edge.
  • No rust problems
  • 67 steel layers for strength
  • The Pakkawood handle is non-slip.
  • Provides a lovely gift box


  • It’s too sharp to clean.


05. Kitchen Knife Set with Block from NANFANG Brothers

The NANFANG BROTHERS knife set is a complete all-in-one set to slice up food quickly.

The set includes nine components, enabling you to work as a master. You receive a slicing, chef, utility, bread, and paring knife or santoku knife. Also, a kitchen scissor can slice herbs and scrape fish scales. You’ll also receive a high-quality knife sharpener.

The model distinguishes out in terms of durability. Each knife has 67 layers of steel for the blades and VG10 for the core to ensure accuracy, stiffness, and sharpness. Also, even if you apply a lot of pressure, the blades will not shatter. Cleaning them takes just a few minutes.

Each knife has a curved handle for maximum support and comfort. Whether you labor for an hour or more, your fingertips will be comfortable. It comes with a stable oak hardwood block. It looks nice and keeps the knives organized. If you can afford it, the most incredible Japanese Damascus chef knife set you can buy. 


  • It contains nine pieces for maximum functionality
  • VG10 steel for long-lasting
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable, supportive curved handle
  • It also has a knife sharpener.
  • Extra storage in natural oak wood


  • Quite Expensive


04. Enso Chef’s Knife – Made in Japan

The Enso Chefs Knife with Sheath is almost as good as it gets without breaking the bank. It’s from Seki City, Japan, noted for its traditional culture and sword-making skills.

This 8 inches or 10-inch knife has 37 layers of Damascus steel with a VG-10 steel core and 61 Rockwell Hardness. The Rockwell hardness of kitchen knives ranges from 55 (soft) to 65 (very hard and costly).

Enso is crisp out of the box. It’s double beveled for left and right-handed usage.

From the Damascus blade to the handle, it’s well made. The grip is canvas micarta. A bolster and three stainless steel rivets complete the handle. Although the handle is comfy, it can be more ergonomic.

After cleaning and drying the knife, you may slide it into the accompanying dark bamboo knife sheath.


  • Sharp from the start
  • Well-balanced Quality Finish
  • Durable construction


  • Possibly a crooked
  • The handle design can improve


03. ALLWIN-HOUSEWARE W Damascus Chef Knife

Damascus chef knife from ALLWIN-HOUSEWARE W is a professional-grade knife set. It ensures that anybody can quickly produce delicious meals by cutting things.

It has a 13-inch nonstick blade and a 5-inch ergonomic grip. The size is ideal for both little and big hands. The blade construction combines high-quality VG10 and 33 layers of Damascus steel for increased durability!

Its G10 Garolite handle can tolerate extreme cold, heat, and pressure. This slip-resistant gripping surface also prevents finger and hand aches from working too long. 

Its 12-degree sharp edge lasts up to six months without re-sharpening. It has a 62 Rockwell hardness and a water ripple surface for a sophisticated and distinctive look.

Cleaning a Damascus chef knife is a snap. If your blades are dirty, you may wash them by hand or put them in the dishwasher. But you must clean it after each usage-no sheen or sharpness on the knife.


  • Ideal for experts and enthusiasts
  • For maximum stiffness, VG10 and 33 layers of Damascus
  • G10 Garolite handle for a secure grip
  • The sharpness lasts six months.
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean


  • It takes a lot of work to maintain the knife sharp.

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02. Nakiri Chef Knife from OXFORD CHEF

It is mainly for non-professionals who need to chop large quantities of food for a large group. So, getting this Nakiri Knife from OXFORD CHEF is a no-brainer!

The masterpiece has an ergonomic G-10 handle that can withstand heat, cold, and even intense pressure. The robust pinch-grip with a rounded handle guarantees a good grasp. 

It’s also nonporous and antiseptic. So you and your family will be healthy if you use it to cut fruits and vegetables.

It has over 62 Rockwell hardness and 66 layers of carbon stainless steel to enhance flexibility, stability, and durability. The VG-10 steel cutting core further improves edge retention. It beats the usual knives.

It has an 8 to 12-degree Honbazuke angle per side. The 6.5-inch cutting blade it receives is also sharper. Its unusual square shape makes it ideal for scooping or slicing boneless foods and greens. 

The Rosetta rivet shines with the water ripple surface. You’ll love the entire aesthetic of this superb chef knife from top to bottom.


  • Lightweight, ergonomic handle
  • Safe food-grade materials
  • Long-lasting sharpness 6.5 inches square


  • Difficult to clean


01. Miyabi Chef’s Knife

The 8-inch Miyabi Chef’s Knife comes from Seki, Japan. Its edge retention is excellent, and its sharpness comes from ice hardening.

The Miyabi has 100 Damascus steel layers. That’s to safeguard the SG2 micro-carbide powder steel. Also, the blade is narrow and sharp, which increases the risk of chipping. The knife is easy to handle. The blade is sleek and can effortlessly slice and cut through numerous meals.

The unfinished Karelian Birch handle indicates that extended use is painful, although outcomes may vary. 

Despite its odd blade construction, the knife has a pleasing look. It has a mosaic pin and an etched end cap.


  • Usage friendly
  • Excellent grip on the edge.
  • Hundreds of steel layers protect it
  • Simple maintenance


  • Thin blades are sharp and classic, but they may chip or bend.
  • The unfinished handle may be uncomfortable.

What is Damascus Knife?

Steel crafted specifically for Damascus knives is known as Damascus stainless steel. This detail has more to do with the design of the blade, but it also explains the process of forging and manufacturing the steel.

There are unique designs and details down the blade of the best Damascus knife. You may see dents or a wavy Damascus pattern like tree bark. The process of forging Damascus steel for the knives creates this design.

Forging together multiple steel kinds and twisting them into metal, or flattening and then folding steel to layer the metal, is the most common method for this operation.

Benefits of Damascus Knife

There are several Damascus knife benefits. What are they, btw? Well, we have pointed them out as follows. 

  • Damascus kitchen knives are lovely to look at and cool to use because of their unique design. Many people buy them for this very reason.
  • They are powerful and robust because of the inner high carbon steel core 
  • Every Damascus steel chef knife has many layers. As a result, they’re more dependable.
  • In addition, they will keep their cutting blades sharper for a more extended period than ordinary knives.
  • Knives made of Japanese knife steel are very flexible, resulting in a smooth cutting experience.
  • Several of them are composed of high-quality materials resistant to staining and corrosion.

Buying Guide for Best Damascus Kitchen Knives

It’s essential to have the most excellent Damascus knife to cut or slice several sorts of food in a short period. With so many models available, how will you know which is best?

Before you buy anything, consider looking for these features in Damascus Knife. 


The most significant consideration is the blade material. You won’t be able to use a Damascus knife for a long time if it’s constructed of low-quality material.


What will you do if you get a knife with dull or non-sharp blades? It doesn’t matter whether you’re a chef or simply a home cook; the only way to effectively cut meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits are to use a sharp knife.

When purchasing a knife, look for one that is both long-lasting and able to maintain its sharpness for a long time.


While the most excellent Damascus steel knife may be costly, you should not spend more than you can afford. The knife’s pricing will depend on the steel and handle quality. More layers of Damascus steel cost more. 

Steel Type and Layers

Most Damascus chef knives are composed of VG-10, a high carbon Japanese stainless steel. They are incredibly durable and have a reasonably sharp cutting edge depending on their thickness and blade angle.

Other knives have a thin profile and a sharp edge. The amount of steel layers protects the underlying steel core. Some pricey knives have 100 layers, while others have roughly 70.


The handle of a knife determines how well you can hold it in your hand. Some knives even have military-grade handles to help them last as long as the blade.

Other handles are water-resistant hardwood. The finish increases their longevity.

Good Damascus chef knives have ergonomic handles that provide more control and comfort when cutting and slicing.


Is Damascus a good chef knife?

It’s still one of the most beautiful blades, and many cooks respect it for its beauty and performance. A Damascus knife’s sharpness and edge retention are superior to a regular stainless steel blade.

What’s so great about Damascus steel?

Damascus steel has a wavy or watery brilliant and dark pattern. Its toughness and flexibility make it a sought-after metal and outperform iron weapons.

What is unique about Damascus knives?

Sharpness and edge retention are two of the features of high-end Damascus steel knives. Due to the strong steel placed between softer steel. The rigid steel makes the sharp edge possible, while the softer steel serves as a protective coating on the blade.

Does Damascus steel rust?

High carbon Damascus steel is resistant to damage. (Rust is iron oxide red.) But don’t worry, caring for your Damascus steel is still essential. The greatest enemy is moisture and time, so don’t let your blade become too wet.

Can You Sharpen Damascus Steel?

Like any other steel material, Damascus steel needs regular sharpening to maintain its effectiveness. In contrast to other specialty knives, Damascus steel does not need specific techniques to make it sharp. When it comes to sharpening your Damascus steel, the most effective method is to use an ordinary whetstone.


Every time you pick up a Damascus Cook’s knife, you’ll feel like a professional chef. The best knife for you is still a personal decision. 

As you can see, practically every knife we have come up with is of high quality and retains its edge well.

We will end our extensive review of the Best Damascus Kitchen Knives here. However, we always advise proper care of your Damascus knife so you may enjoy it for many years. Adios!!

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