Best kitchen knives under $50: Expert review with buying guide

If you are a cuisine connoisseur, you must have a liking for kitchen knives. A standard knife can make your cooking an easy-peasy job. There is a wrong perception that a good knife may cost you hundreds of bucks. But this is not always true.

As a knife freak, you might wanna buy a premium knife within a minimal budget. But what if you are in a conundrum to choose between a plethora of knives in the market? To ease your choice, we have brought the Best kitchen knives under 50 reviews along with a buying guide.

We shall unravel now every twist and turn of the best budget-friendly kitchen knives of 2022. Stick till you reach the outro.

Best kitchen knives under 50

We try to bring some best knives at an affordable rate in the market. A knife is a versatile tool for cutting, chopping, mincing in your kitchen. So, check our list and know the specs of some best kitchen knives under 50.

Product Material Weight Best for
Victorinox 8-Inch Fibrox Knife Stainless Steel and Thermoplastic elastomers 7.5 ounces Entry-level professional users
Mercer Culinary Genesis 8-Inch Short Bolster


High Carbon Steel, Santoprene 8.8 ounces Durability and sharpness


Imarku Pro Kitchen 8 Inch Chefs Knife


Stainless Steel, Pakkawood 12.8 ounces


Professional quality knife for multipurpose cuts
Santoku Chef’s Knife – 7 Inch Japanese Kitchen Knife


High Carbon Stainless Steel, Pakkawood 12.8 ounces Easy and comfortable to handle with Asian style


Zelite Infinity Comfort-Pro Series


Stainless Steel 14.8 ounces French-style professional-quality knife for many types of cuts
JA Henckels 31161-161 CLASSIC Chef’s Knife


Stainless Steel 5.60856 ounces Classic type durable knife


Cangshan V2 8-inch Chef Knife


Alloy Steel 16 ounces  Well-balanced one
Becozier 8inches Pro Kitchen Knife


Stainless Steel, wood 16.16  ounces Versatile one with high-quality material
OOU Pro Kitchen Knife


High Carbon Stainless Steel 14.1 ounces Nice looking multi-functional chef knife
Victorinox Rosewood Chef’s Knife


Stainless Steel, wood 8 ounces Attractive, light-weight and best one for cutting veggies


1. Victorinox 8-Inch Fibrox Knife

Victorinox 8-Inch Fibrox Knife Top 10 Best kitchen knives under $50 

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The Fibrox Knife of Victorinox is a professional knife good for a chef or home kitchen. The handle of this tool is the best part. It is non-slip with an excellent grip and highly comfortable and made of thermoplastic elastomers.

The blade is wide enough, and it has a razor-sharp edge. So, the blade does not require sharpening after several days of use. Therefore, the blade is suitable for any slicing from dining to kitchen. Besides, this knife is ideal for carving all types of meat.

We always desire a long-lasting durable tool. Blade length is 7.9-inch and is made of high-quality carbon steel. So, it is a durable one.

If you see the style or shape of the knife, you may notice that it ensures maximum safety while cutting anything. It will hit the chopping board when you grip anything because of its high handle and deep belly shape.


  • Professional entry-level knife
  •  The great value of your money
  • Durable one
  • Versatile one with comfortable non-slip handle
  •  Dishwasher safe


  • Can be dull easily
  • Inferior one if you compare it to other professional Victorinox knives


2. Mercer Culinary Genesis 8-Inch Short Bolster

Mercer Culinary Genesis 8-Inch Short Bolster 

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Mercer Culinary Genesis is a great choice if you search for an excellent sharpness kitchen knife under 50. The tool is made of high-carbon steel, which ensures its durability.

It allows a smooth cut with a taper-ground edge that keeps long-lasting sharpness. Besides, the blade is finely attached to the handle and makes the tool strong. Look at the handle. It looks nice and provides the necessary comfort. The ergonomic handle is made of high-quality plastic and has non-slip gripping.

You can easily slice all types of foods such as meats, ham, vegetables, etc. You can easily maintain the knife and use it for a long time. Use mild soap and warm water to clean it. It is better to avoid a dishwasher or keep it in water for a long time.

There is an excellent balance between the blade and the handle to perform the best cutting experience. You can sharpen it on the whetstone. The bolster is shorter, which provides the necessary space for a fine cut.


  • Durable and long-lasting sharpness
  • Affordable price
  • Well-balanced handle and blade
  • Budget-friendly


  •  Sharpening with whetstone becomes hard for full bolster

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3. Imarku Pro Kitchen 8 Inch Chefs Knife

Imarku Pro Kitchen 8 Inch Chefs Knife 


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Imarku is a well-known brand for kitchen tools and knives. If you are a professional in a kitchen, this knife is perfect for you. It is a durable and sharp knife with a high-quality stainless steel blade. To make it sturdy, 0.6-0.75% carbon is mixed with the steel.

This kitchen knife is for multipurpose uses such as cutting, dicing, slicing, chopping, cutting boneless meats, etc. It is a standard quality tough knife that has a 56-58 Rockwell Hardness Scale.

The ergonomic handle is of professional quality, and you can comfortably hold it and perform your work for a long time. The handle is made of Pakka that is comfortable, strong, and stable.

The edge of the blade is very sharp and ensures the best cuts. You can cut tough meats and easily remove meat from the bone with this tool. The sharpness will remain well. Besides carbon, the blade material also contains 16-18% chrome, giving the metal a glossy finish.

This kitchen knife can be the best gift for your mother, father, or anybody.


  • Need low maintenance
  • Comfortable handle
  • Great blade quality
  • Ultra-sharp blade


  • A little bit bulky


4. Santoku Chef’s Knife – 7 Inch Japanese Kitchen Knife

Santoku Chef's Knife - 7 Inch Japanese Kitchen Knife 


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Santoku Japanese knife is famous among Japanese chefs. Asian people are not comfortable with western knives and choppers. So, if you are an Asian, you must like this best santoku knife under $50. The length of this knife is 7-inch.

The blade is very sharp and made of ThyssenKrupp German Steel. The Rockwell Hardness of this blade is 55. So, this knife shows excellent cutting performance. Moreover, a 16-18 degree sharp edge is perfect for maintaining balance to ensure the best cutting experience.

You may find the blade is very light, but it is so strong. You can clean the knife quickly. Pakka wood handle is comfortable to use for a long time. It also lasts long. The shape of the handle ensures superior control and comfort, and durability.


  • Professional one at a reasonable price
  •  Safe for dishwasher
  • Easy to use


  • Can be dulled soon


5. Zelite Infinity Comfort-Pro Series

Zelite Infinity Comfort-Pro Series 


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This Chinese knife is attractive and comes with minimal slicing resistance. It can be the best choice for a professional or home kitchen cook. This French-style knife is an 8-inch long and ideal for chopping, dicing, and any type of cutting work with vegetables, meats, and others.

This one is also made of German stainless steel. The corrosion-resistant blade is long-lasting and needs low maintenance. Rockwell’s Hardness of this blade is 56, which means it is tough enough.

Now compare the comfort. The ergonomic black handle comes with a rare tapered bolster perfect for chef work. The pinch grip style is good to work with the knife for a long time. It is an excellent combination of comfort and performance.

3-step Honbazuke method with 15-18 degree angle for cutting ensures maximum sharpness. Besides, edge retention ensures accurate slicing for every cut and moves your cutting skill to the next level.


  • Affordable but standard
  • Comfortable to use
  • Professional one


  • The handle is a little bit small


6. JA Henckels 31161-161 CLASSIC Chef’s Knife

Top Best kitchen knives under $50 


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Do you need a kitchen knife for the confident cut? This Henckel’s classic one is a good option for you. The blade comes with a fine sharp edge to keep the sharpness for a long time. You can chop, dice, and mince vegetables with this one.

This JA Henckels is also made of high-quality German stainless steel that ensures durability. The right combination of handle and blade provides the right balance to handle it while long time cutting. The products of Henckels International are designed as chef needs.

They bring the tools such as knives, spatulas, and many more kitchen tools. This one is made in Spain, and the manufacturer uses high-quality stainless steel. Forged construction ensures durability. If you are a professional, you will feel how finely you can cut with this knife.

The handle type is triple-rivet. It properly balances with the blade. Besides, you can use a dishwasher to clean it.


  • Tapered edge ensures fine cuts
  • Thermoplastic elastomer made handle comfortable enough in wet hand
  •  Dishwasher-friendly


  • Not suitable for heavy cut


7. Victorinox Rosewood Chef’s Knife

10 Best kitchen knives under $50 Victorinox Rosewood Chef’s KnifeBuy on Amazon

We already know the Victorinox brand. This manufacturer is known worldwide. They are famous for their professional and attractive knives. However, their Fibrox models are cheaper. But I found another good one named Rosewood. It is also under 50$.

The stainless steel-made sharp blade makes it the best chef knife. It is ideal for chopping vegetables. You will not find a bolster because it is of stamped steel. Besides, it is lightweight but not complicated like some other best knives. But it will be value for your money.

The main attraction of this knife is its rosewood handle. It gives it a classic look. The triple-riveted handle provides extra strength and reliability. The design sharpness is good, under 50$.


  • Looking so beautiful
  • The ideal one for cutting veggies
  • Durable one


  •  Some users say about the handle size

8. Cangshan V2 8-inch Chef Knife

Top 10 Best kitchen knives under $50 

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This German steel-made chef knife is durable and has edges retention. In addition, the blade goes through a heat treatment that ensures the blade’s proper strength and function during manufacturing. The handle size is 5.5-inch, and the handle size is 8-inch. This made it a well-balanced one.

The HRC of this blade is 58, which means it is durable enough for many types of cutting. Keep this knife as an all-purpose one in your kitchen. Do slicing, cutting, dicing, mincing of your ingredients quickly. The blade is strong because of the strong magnets embedded edge.


  • Forged blade
  • Enough strength
  • Lifetime warranty


  • A Chinese product


9. Becozier 8 inches Pro Kitchen Knife

Becozier 8 inches Pro Kitchen Knife Best kitchen knives under $50 

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Becozier is a well-known manufacturer of chef’s knives. A high-quality, strong German stainless steel-made knife is great for the home kitchen. As the material of this knife is high-quality, there is no way of cracking and tearing.

The glass fiber 10 made handle is high density and designed as a chef knife. You can use it for a long time. The sharper edge allows you to cut vegetables, meat, fish, and other kitchen ingredients from slicing to mincing.

The blade is sharper, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, corrosion-free, and anti-crack. It is an outstanding one if you compare some other same-price knives. Besides, you will get a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer if you find any problem.


  • Corrosion and wear-resistant
  • Sharper
  • durable


  • Contains no sheath


10. OOU Pro Kitchen Knife

OOU Pro Kitchen Knife Best kitchen knives under $50 

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Another high-quality kitchen knife under 50$ is an OOU Pro kitchen knife. High carbon steel is used to make the blade. Besides, the handle is forged ergonomic to provide enough comfort and strength. With this knife, you can perform well in your kitchen job.

Use this great knife to complete your daily kitchen work, such as cutting vegetables, chopping meats, and cutting meats from bones.  We know that sharpness is the main thing for a knife. This kitchen knife ensures proper sharpness. Every edge sharpness is 16 degrees per side.

BO Oxidation surface with a black oxide layer on the blade is anti-rusting and ensures secure health.


  • The best kitchen knife
  • Has proper sharpness
  • Multi-purpose uses


  • Not good for cutting frozen items
  • Not dishwasher friendly

Best kitchen knives under 50$ buying guide

Buying the best kitchen knives under 50 is not so easy. However, my buying guide will help you to make the right decision. Consider the following issues to choose the correct option.


Material is an important part of a kitchen knife. Most standard kitchen knives are made of high-carbon stainless steel alloy. Here, the percentage of carbon matters a lot. In addition, stainless steel-made blades are durable and corrosion-free. So choose the knife with the most durable materials.


The blade is the main part of a knife. So, it is vital to keep your attention on the edge. It is better to take precision-forged blades. So, look at the features and specifications of the knives to learn more about the blades. Besides, see the Rockwell rating. The blade quality is standard if the rating is between 56-58.


It is another crucial matter. See how easily you can maintain your kitchen knife. Besides, see if it is safe for dishwashers or not.


The handle is another important part of the knife. If the grip is not comfortable, you will not feel good to cut for a long time. Besides, see that it is made of durable material. An ergonomic handle will give you better and more precise cuts.

Range of Use

We always desire that we can use a kitchen knife for different cutting purposes. So, you should check it before buying one. Your knife will be able to cut, dice, mince, chop. So, it is better to take an all-purpose knife for your kitchen.

Wrap Up

Without a kitchen knife, we cannot perform our kitchen work. But for this essential tool, we do not want to spend too much on the expensive knife. But at an affordable price, it is possible to find a good one for your kitchen.

I have described some of the options. I hope the best kitchen knives under 50 dollars review article is helpful for you.

Now easily decide which brand and model is good for you. Gracias, buddy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Now see some common questions that appear before buying the best kitchen knives under 50.

1.What do you mean by ergonomic handle?

An ergonomic handle is a sort of handle that gives you the best grip over the knife. This type of handle provides minimal discomfort and maximum efficiency for the users. Even when you use your cutlery for a long time, you won’t feel any pain.

2. How long will a knife under $50 last?

Usually, a very long time. Knives last for years, and the good ones will be resistant to processes such as rusting and corrosion. By sharpening and keeping them in good shape, you can also add to their life expectancy.

3. Can I use an under 50 dollars knife

like a professional?

Yes, some options are enough for professional use. You can use them for your home kitchen and hotels as a professional chef. But these knives are not suitable for bigger cuts. For professional chefs, these knives are not optimal.

4. Is carbon steel as good as a knife blade?

Yes, carbon steel is suitable for a knife blade. A certain amount of carbon is mixed with stainless steel to make the blade robust.







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