How to clean Air fryer basket with Baking Soda? 

Are you trying to remove the oily food from the air fryer basket with normal water? And it’s not going, right? It’s a very common phenomenon in our daily life. But we need to clean it by any means. 

Water is not a great option for cleaning stuff like an air fryer basket. So what do we got then? 


Well, you need some magic ingredients like baking soda. We know many of you are not familiar with using baking soda. So we shall unravel how to clean air fryer basket  with baking soda.

What is an Air fryer Basket?

We all know air fryer, don’t we? So it’s simply an attached basket with an air fryer. Though it is not a must for the machine to work, a simple basket can make your cooking better and easier. 


You can usually see the basket with a handle for better control. It provides a more consistent cooking capacity for your fryer. 

Cleaning solutions for frying basket:

There are a lot of cleaning solutions or oven cleaners you will get at the market to wash an air fryer. Here we are providing you with some suggestions about it:

Vinegar and water:

Vinegar and water solution is a very basic solution for cleaning. You need to prepare the solution to this ratio of vinegar: water= 1:3. You can not only use this for the air fryer but also for the whole kitchen area. 

Dish soap:

You can clean the air fryer oven with dish soap too. Soak your cloth with dish soap and make it clean. Dish soap can easily clean the dirty part.

The basic steps for cleaning an Air Fryer Basket with baking soda:

Well, now we shall talk about the crucial part. It’s an easy peasy lemon squeezy task if you follow these steps verbatim. 


However, one thing should be noted here. You must check the fryer’s user manual to find if it has any problem with the fryer or not. If not, then only we can proceed. And try to clean the basket regularly. 

Step 1: Prepare and Dissemble

First of all, you need to open the fryer from the plug and make the heating element cool. There is a tray and a basket in an air fryer basket. The air fryer basket has 2 parts. One is a crumb basket and another one is a frying basket. We need to wash the crumb basket first.

Step 2: Crumb basket First

Now it’s time to remove the crumb basket from the basket. Then, clean the leftover food from it. Then soak a sponge or any cloth with baking soda and water mixture. After that, wipe the crumb basket. It’s an easy-breezy task, right?

Step 3: Fryer basket Next

Now comes the next step. You need to clean the basket itself. Prepare the mixture of water and soda likewise. Then take a sponge and wipe the basket. 


Try it several times if you find it suitable. You can use different tools to clean up the greasy and stubborn kinds of stuff.

Step 4: Outside Shining

After cleaning the inside of the fryer, it’s time for the outside splash. Soak a damp cloth or microfiber cloth with the same mixture and then wipe it out. Then again mop it with a soft cloth. And, it’s done!

Step 5: That’s it

If you don’t have enough satisfaction with the previous steps, then we are here for you to do deep cleansing. Make a mixture of baking soda and water. After making the mixture, take some toothpaste. 


Now thoroughly rub the paste into the inside of the basket. Then take off the mixture from where you have given it. Then dry your air fryer and it’s completely clean.

Cleaning hacks! Things to Remember

We know that it’s very difficult to clean the sticky great from the frying basket. There are residue, oil residue, and fried food in an air fryer. You can easily follow these tricks to increase the longevity of your air fryer basket:

  1. Before going to wash the fryer basket, make it completely calm. 
  2. Though the manual says about dishwashers, it’s not safe to wash baskets with dishwashers.
  3. To increase longevity, clean it regularly. 
  4. Try to use a non-abrasive sponge while cleaning the basket.


An air fryer can make your life a lot easier than before. But for an easy life, you need to take care of kitchen appliances as well. An air fryer basket can give you lifelong support if you wash it regularly.


That’s all for today, buddy. Catch you on the next one. 


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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Which one is the best air fryer?

There are a lot of air fryer baskets you will find in the market. And it’s a tricky affair to choose one. From our research, we can suggest two: Instant vortex 6-quart and Ninja 4-quart.

  1. How to clean a mesh air fryer basket?

If you want to clean a mesh air fryer basket, then, first of all, soak it in hot water for about 10-15 minutes. Then use a soft cloth to wipe it out. It’s all done then. 

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